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Hi and thank you for joining GoPlay. Our platform is designed to provide access to high-quality content without the need for flashy words or images. We believe that our platform should speak for itself, based on its qualities rather than relying on anything else.

What to expect? Explore a database with over 600 exercises designed by the Head Educator of the Dutch Royal Field Hockey Association. We work to increase this number every month, providing a continuously growing resource for you. But that's not all – we've developed full season plans tailored for age groups ranging from 12 years old to 19+, designed for both beginners and competitive teams.

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"As a coach, GoPlay has been a game changer. The detailed analytics from the Dashtag have helped me tailor training programs for each player. Their improvement is noticeable and measurable!"
Adil Mansoer
Field Hockey Coach
"The GoPlay platform stands out for its extensive exercise options and tailored training sessions, making it ideal for youth academies aligning with club objectives. Highly recommended for professional sports organizations seeking effective training solutions."
Remco Hartgers
Sports Consultant
Field Hockey Coach
"The SB Leaderboard is a hit with our team. It drives a healthy competitive spirit and keeps everyone engaged and striving to improve. It's great to see how everyone's performance is evolving over time."
Scott Cosslett
Field Hockey Athlete
New Zealand U21
"The integration of the GoPlay app with its accessories has made training sessions much more efficient and effective. As coach, having real-time data on my team's performance helps me understand their strengths and areas for improvement."
Bart Jan
Field Hockey Coach
1st Men's Team
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