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Connecting real life with the GoPlay Metaverse

The actual aspects of games that make them fun are emotion, interaction, immersion and aspiration. GoPlay brings real-life ball games to the Metaverse. It delivers real gamification. your stadium is everywhere.

The power of the plan lies in its simplicity. The retail distribution network of GoPlay is selling SmartBalls and Dashtab already in multiple nations across the globe. Each ball comes with your own personal avatar. The next level avatar, with our own real-life DNA, is the key to unlock the GoPlay Metaverse. Your DNA defines your skills level and within the GoPlay Club community you can challenge yourself and others to develop your skills.

Your coach, your team and your professional role models play an important role in this. It is this triangle that strengthens the GoPlay community. The full immersion of the GoPlay Club community in the GoPlay Metaverse is the goal. Combining the offline and online revenue models with the data of GoPlay. Connecting and promoting A-brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour with the GoPlay community.

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